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Glock gun cleaning

Mike's Favorite Pistol: Glock 17

"Since switching to the Rusty's Rags gun care kits in June, my men can easly take care of their weapons on base and in the field where their lives depend on them. There is no other gun kit on the market my men or I would ever consider using again." Mike Gray - Gunnery Sergeant - USMC


Ruger gun cleaning

Mark's Favorite: Ruger Mark III

"Ever since my local sporting goods store started carrying Rusty's Rags Gun Care Products, they have been flying off of the shelves. Mike, the owner, said it is the best gun care product he has seen come along in a while. I am happy to know when I can't find them at my local store, I can easily order them from your website. Keep up the great work!" Mark Sanders - Billings, MT


Browning Gun Cleaning

Chester's Favorite: Browning International .22 Target Pistol

"I am impressed with Rusty's Rags because they work on ALL types of gun finishes. I have a modest gun collection and am happy to be able to use ONE PRODUCT to clean and protect all of them!" Chester Phillips - Charleston, SC


Mossberg Gun Cleaning

Aaron's Favorite: Mossberg MMR Tactical Hunter

"Rusty's Rags are the best for cleaning, protecting and keeping my Mossberg in top working condition. I reccomend them to all of my friends." Aaron Seney - Hastings, NE


Westley Richards Gun Cleaning


Mark's Favorite: Westley Richards .450 Nitro Express

"I go hunting in Africa on safari every year. The Rusty's Rags line of products has impressed me and they are all that will touch any of my collectible guns." Mark Daniel - Houston, TX


Kriegohoff Shotgun

Andrew's Favorite: Krieghoff Model 32 O/U 12GA

"Rusty's Rags make the best Gun Care Kits hands down! I won't use anything else on my guns. Andrew Yates - Naples, FL




Bushmaster Gun Cleaning

Johnny's Favorite: Bushmaster 300 AAC Blackout

"I have been an advid hunter and gun enthusiast for over 30 years. Rusty's Rags are the best product I have ever used for cleaning and maintaining all of my guns. It is a MUST HAVE for any gun owner!" Johnny Hardin - Little Rock, AR

American Handgunner Magazine

Check out the great reviews and articles written in FMG Magazines!


Sig Sauer Gun Cleaning

Spencer's Favorite: Sig 1911 U-45-BSS Sub Compact

"Rusty's Rags offers a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. I decided to give them a try because I had nothing to lose. I Love them. My Sig loves them. I am glad you guys gave me a chance to use your products before I bought them. You made a new customer out of me! Spencer Deahl - Gaithersburg, MD

Smith and Wesson Gun Cleaning

Scott's Favorite: S&W M&P 15 223

"Ever since getting into the 'Tactical' weapon craze, I always used a silicone flannel cloth to maintain my weapons. Since I found Rusty's Rags, all of that has changed. I love the sheepskin because it gets into all of the 'nooks & crannies' of my tactical weapons like my M&P 15 223. There is nothing better on the market! Scott Ramirez - Dallas, TX















Weatherby gun cleaning

Ron's Favoite Rifle: Weatherby Mark V Accumark

"My friends and I go hunting in Africa twice a year. Our guide was using the Rusty's Rag to clean one of his clients rifles. I tried it and now all of my friends and I are hooked. Great Product!" Ron Beasly - Hampton, NY



Colt Gun Cleaning

Bob's Favorite Pistol: Colt 45

"There is no reason not to a least give Rusty's Rags a try. You may find yourself among the many people (like myself) who've decided that they never want to use another gun cleaning kit ever again." Bob Parker - Houston, TX



Remington Gun Cleaning

Rodger's Favorite: Remington Model 800 Express Turkey

"I have been using Rusty's Rags for over two years. I am impressed with them so much that I am going to buy the Rifle/Shotgun kit for everyone in my Turkey hunting club for Christmas this year!" Rodger Fallon - Clinton, MS


Walther gun cleaning

Susan's Favorite: Walther Pink Frame PK 380

"I love going to the range and shoot my 'pink lady' as I call it. I bought my gun last year and was given a free Rusty's Rag to go along with it. I am happy to say I am still using the same Rusty's Rag and it does a great job. My husband went out and bought one when he saw how well it worked on my gun. I love Rusty's Rags!" Susan Fletcher - Fresno, CA


Heckler Koch Gun Cleaning


David's Favorite: Heckler & Koch P9S 9mm

"I love my guns and will use only the best products to clean and protect them. That is why I use Rusty's Rags products.I have found NO other gun cleaning product on the market that works like the Rusty's Rags. Give them a try!" David Pacheco - Las Vegas, NV